Ujalay Hadees Ke اجالے حدیث کے

اقوال رسول صلی اللہ علیہ وآلہ وسلم کی جمال پرور تشریحات
‘‘اجالے حدیث کے’’

مفکر اسلام مفسر قرآن علامہ پیر سید ریاض حسین شاہ مدظلہ العالی
سلسہ وار درسِ حدیث

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3 Responses to “Ujalay Hadees Ke اجالے حدیث کے”

  1. adnan says:

    sir..apki site per available videos bht beautiful hain.
    or editing process me lagta ha bht mehnat hoti ha..
    very good
    continue this work

  2. adnanshah says:

    Shahjee jesey Ullema maashrey mein boht km hotey hein. Allah aap ka saya tadaer hmarey saron pe qaim rakhey aur aap k ilm se faizyab honey ki tofeeq ata frmaey.

  3. msq says:

    guarantee of getting benefit by listening SHAIKH SYED RIAZ HUSSAIN SHAH over and over.If you are a Muslim then make sure you make ablution(wodu) first and place is clean where you are at.
    by the WILL of ALLAH swt you will know and observe what you are getting.
    try to practice in your daily life.
    may Allah make us to understand Imam’s khutbas and lectures.

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