Ujalay Quran ke اجالے قرآن کے

‘‘سلسلہ وار دروسِ قرآن ’’اجالے قرآن کے
مفکر اسلام مفسر قرآن سید ریاض حسین شاہ مدظلہ العالی
Series of Dars-e-Quran “Ujalay Quran Ke

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5 Responses to “Ujalay Quran ke اجالے قرآن کے”

  1. Muhammad Ishtiaq says:

    Assalam o Aliekum
    Such a magnificent work from Bahauddin sahib & Talib sahib especially for us (overseas Shah sahib’s lovers). May ALLAH give you very very best reward in this life and after this life.
    Keep it up

  2. Assalam u allaikum !

    Excellent. Now, it looks that Professionals are working on the Website. Efforts of Brother Muhammad Baha-ud-Din and Azizum Talib for the up-dation of the site are very much appreciated.

    With kind regards,

    Abdul Majeed Mughal

  3. Muhammad tahir umer says:

    Congrates to all SHAHJEE lovers for the Tarjuma ul Quran, Ujaly Quran k, Ujaly Hadees k and Mehrab
    May ALLAH keep Shahjee blessed,healthy ang long life.
    Thanks and apreciation to Bahudin Sahib, Qasim Bahi,Yasir Bhai and Talib Bhai
    May ALLAH bless u all
    Dua mein yadd Rakhein
    Muahmmad tahir umer

  4. Manzoor Hussain Akhtar says:

    May Allah bless all of you, especialy Mr. Bahauddin, Mr. Qasim Shiekh, Mr. Usman. Mr Yasir…and dearest Mr.Talib Mirza…… and all other Shah Jee lovers…………….

  5. Salma Sultani says:

    Asalamulikom ,
    mashaAllah a very blessed programme, may Allah pak bless you all and Allah pak make Quran pak easy for us in understanding and practice. Regards to Shah jee and talib for dua.

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